Product = Brand

Brand = Product

Think for a moment. What was the last product that truly surprised you?
It might have been a great design feature, thoughtful packaging, an intuitive website or a particularly helpful customer service advisor. All of these components form the product experience brand we connect with. 

Therefore: Product = Brand and Brand = Product. 

By enhancing earliest product development strategy through to product launch, marketing and in-service support, the components for forming brand loyalty are also built. 

I fundamentally believe delivering an exceptional product experience is key to driving brand success.

Through my integrated strategic and creative approach, I have been able to enhance my current employer's market share, product line and brand value. I presently work as Marketing and Product Development Manager for a leading British medical manufacturer, spearheading product development and brand management in a fast paced, global market.

I have also assisted a number of other businesses - from independent shops to multinational companies and government organisations - with tailored design solutions. 
From large scale product design strategy to the smallest logo design details I'd be delighted to help you or your company with any product or branding requirement, please contact me. 

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